Originating from the German town of Düsseldorf, our classic Altbier transports you back to the 13th Century. German malt and hops make this medium body, slightly malty ale traditionally German through and through. With notes of caramel and toasted grain, this seasonal beer will have you raising your glass to a joyful, "PROST!"


We took a 400 year old beer and brewed it in the traditional way through and through. Prevalent in Eastern Europe, this style is inspired by the Brits & the Russians resulting in something completely new (at the time), a high alcohol, robust malty beer with toasty, brown sugar notes. Munich malt takes a leading role with complex nutty, slightly caramel flavor. Expect it to be very malt heavy - not rich or cloyingly sweet - more like a freshly baked, rich  pumpernickel loaf right out of the oven (then put in a glass). 


Belgian Pale Ale is one of the less-well-known Belgian styles, as it's not as big, boozy, and sexy as many of the Belgian beers that are imported to the US. Our Belgian Pale Ale is malty, bready and easy-drinking , with a dash of Saaz hops for flavor and aroma. 


An homage to higher-gravity French farmhouse ales, Biere de Garde roughly translates to “beer for keeping.” Our version reflects the historical realities of this style of farming, when brewers made do with what was on hand. With three types of barley, wheat, rye, and oats, its aroma smacks of apple, pear, almond, and vanilla, with just a hint of lemon rind.



A year of aging in Kentucky bourbon barrels adds layers of depth and nuance to our classic French farmhouse ale. This balanced, complex barrel beer is bursting with nectarine, citrus, pomegranate, and cracker flavors. Aromas of white wine, perry, and fresh peaches create a beautifully delicious ale.



The already dark and hardy Imperial Stout carries classic bourbon barrel flavors - caramel, bourbon, and oak - in it’s aged version. Aromas of dark cocoa, coffee, and vanilla linger as you drink this rich and balanced beer.



 Bourbon barrel aging is the perfect way to highlight our Reserve’s rich brown malts and house made Belgian candy syrup. The result is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale that is deliciously boozy with notes of strawberries, vanilla, stone fruit, and oak.


Malt can change everything. We took a simple and delicious recipe and used locally-grown Carolina Malt House Pilsner Malt to amplify the flavor. This refreshingly light lager has notes of lemon blossom and pear with a crisp, clean finish.


Our Counter Culture Coffee friends inspired a collaboration that combines the complex, chocolatey Hologram coffee with our robust, small batch Baltic Porter. 9 gallons of iced coffee and 3 pounds of whole beans infuse a rich coffee flavor, making the Counter Culture Coffee Baltic Porter a balanced blend of coffee and beer with notes of toasted almond and mocha.


In 2016, North Carolina signed House Bill 2 (HB2) into law requiring transgender people to use restrooms that corresponded to their sex at birth. We believe that this bill violates Golden Rule #000001. 
We decided to do something about it. Teaming up with 40+ NC brewers, we created Don't Be Mean to People: A Golden Rule Saison. Each beer sold fundraises for Equality NC and Queer Oriented Radical Days of Summer (QORDS), an organization that leads camping trips for queer and transgender youth. 
Don't Be Mean to People not only tastes delicious with notes of tangerine and pineapple, but is a friendly reminder that being friendly together yields some pretty amazing things. 



First developed in the 1990s by American craft brewers to ‘push the envelope’ for hop aficionados, the Double IPA has now become a popular, and much loved, style. With double the hops than our signature India Pale Ale, we flexed our creative hop muscles to make a beer that has double the tastiness. The hop-tastic notes of melon, resin, and citrus carry the overall dry but smooth finish of this bitter, hop forward ale.



A rich, malty ale, the Dubbel is brewed with Belgian yeast giving it notes of dark, dried fruit, along with aromas of strawberry and graham cracker. Clocking in over 7% ABV, this is a beer that originated from monasteries in the Middle Ages, so we encourage jousting while drinking (if your arms are long enough).



The Dunkelweizen says what the traditional Weissbier does, only louder. This is a bigger, darker rendition of our classic Weissbier made with German hops, malt, and yeast. Hearty clove and banana flavors rumble together in this traditional dark wheat.


An old ale is, you guessed it, an old, historical type of beer that is also referred to as a winter warmer. As an homage to our mates across the pond, we brewed our English Old Ale with traditional British yeast and base grain. This ale, with an ABV of 8.5%, is a sweet, toasty, rich beer that warms you up on cold London/Durham days.



Just like Frankenstein's monster, this delicious brown saison is a result of divine experimentation. Highlighting the biscuit malt from the Durham-based Epiphany Craft Malt, this beer has rich, complex notes of molasses, coffee, and freshly toasted bread.



Most beer drinkers are familiar with the Dry Irish Stout, popularized by a certain brewery in Dublin.  The Export Stout is a somewhat bigger version of this beer made to survive oceanic travel, yet still retain the dry, roasted flavors of the original without out being too sweet or cloying.  


We love our Pale Ale so much we thought, “Why not go bigger?” Our Extra Pale Ale has a creamy, smooth mouth feel with an upfront bitterness and bright citrus hops. Featuring a toasty malt background balanced by pine and grapefruit notes, this ale is slightly on the hoppy side (not to be confused with the dark side).   



We've brewed a brown IPA to celebrate the cooler temperatures and changing season. This beer features Crystal and Loral hops for flavor and aroma, eschewing the more traditional and summery citrus flavors. We've kept the bitterness levels low so you can focus on the beautiful aromas and flavors from the hops and grain.


Our take on the crisp, flavorful ales brewed by farmers specifically for summer refreshment, the Fig Saison starts with several varieties of wheat, barley, rye, and, of course, figs. With a complex mix of yeast and fruit aromas that perfectly match its higher level of carbonation, the Fig Saison pours a rich red color and finishes dry with a mix of fruit, floral, spice, and subtle fig-ish notes.


Wet-Hop IPAs are made with freshly-harvested hops, so they are only available at the end of the growing season, once. a year. Citra and Mosaic hops were freshly picked from the bine in Yakima Valley in Washington and shipped overnight for our brewers to receive the freshest possible hops. This is your one chance a year to enjoy this beer at it's freshest! Peak hop season.


The Gosé is a traditional German Ale that can trace it's origins back to the 16th century, in the town of Goslar. Legend has it the town's water supply had a brackish taste, as it was near the ocean. The sea salt, along with a healthy lactic fermentation, give it a unique tart and salty flavor combination. 



Created in the 18th Century by British brewers for the kinda scary Czars of Russia, the Imperial Stout was designed to be dark, strong, and hardy enough to handle the long and perilous voyage across the Baltic Sea. And you do not want to disappoint the Czars of Russia. Our version is made to stand the test of time, too, featuring rich flavors of chocolate, toffee, coffee, currant, and vanilla. Budem zdorovy!



For our IPA, we used the traditional West Coast India Pale Ale as our template, then forgot where we put the template, then created something completely different. It’s a simple, easily enjoyable IPA with a crisp bouquet of lemon citrus, grapefruit rind, and melon. Tangerine and passion fruit dominate the hop flavor, but without the usual overwhelming bitterness.


This German amber lager was first introduced to the world at the 1872 Oktoberfest celebration and has been considered the Oktoberfest style beer henceforth. Derived from the German word for March, this beer was traditionally brewed in the spring in anticipation for the fall festivities. No need to put on your dirndl and lederhosen to enjoy this balanced, malty ale with notes of caramel.


North Carolina ingredients and Japanese flavors inspired the Muchu Durham Ale, a collaboration brew we crafted with Dashi for Durham’s 150th anniversary. Muchu, which means "crazy about" in Japanese, are our exact sentiments about Durham. This ale is brewed with sake yeast, buckwheat, Sorachi Ace Japanese hops, szechuan peppercorn, and locally grown Koshihikari rice from our friends at South Wind Produce. The blend of these bold flavors creates a well-balanced, full bodied beer with notes of earthy tea and hints of lemon. Cheers to Durham!


Hailing from Bavaria, the Munich Dunkel was the first beer to be subject to the purity law in 1516 which stated that beer was to be exclusively brewed with barley, water, and hops. Good thing you don't need any other ingredients to make delicious beer. This traditional, rich lager has toffee notes with subtle toast aromas. 


Hell may be pretty sinister here but in German it translates to "pale" or "bright". Münchners were inspired by the Czechs' popular pilsner for this malt-forward, hoppy, light beer. Before you know it you'll be saying, "Noch ein Bier, bitte!"


Brewed originally in collaboration with James Beard Nominated Chef Matt Kelly for St. James Seafood Restaurant and Raw Bar, this dry, hoppy Oyster Saison is the perfect ode to the sea. 10 pounds of fresh oyster shells infuse a whiff of ocean breeze, along with underlying notes of minerals and brine.


Our Peach Sour is bright and refreshing with notes of flaky pastry crust and tart peach skin. Ideal for a hot day, this dry yet spritzy sour ale uses local Epiphany malts for a delectable biscuit malt character with a peachy punch. Why eat fruit when you can just drink it?


Pilsner was originally created in the town of Pilsen, now in the Czech Republic. The trifecta of soft local water, revolutionary malting techniques, and local Saaz hops created the most recognizable beer style today. Bready flavors mixed with an herbal undertow make this beer an instant classic.



The Plum Saison is a refreshing and light take on the traditional saison, with a hint of plum added for acidity and complexity. As fig begat Fig Saison, plum begat Plum Saison.


Our Red Rye IPA delivers on the dark and rich cravings we all have during cold winter months, while still carrying the huge hop flavor you would expect from a mighty IPA.


The result of our finest brewing efforts, the Ponysaurus Réserve is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale featuring rich brown malts and Belgian candy syrup made in-house. Flavorful Belgian yeast yields a complex yet elegant set of fruit and floral notes, while the candy syrup ferments almost completely, resulting in a scarily drinkable beer clocking in at just under 10% ABV


A funky IPA made in collaboration between Ponysaurus Brewing Co. and Runaway Clothes. And remember, you can't spell funky without F-U-N. You also can't spell it without K-Y. Well, this just got weird.


Originally brewed exclusively for Dashi in downtown Durham, the Rye Pale Ale has a light body, firm bitterness, and spicy/piney aroma designed to complement and contrast a bold, umami-filled meal.  Due to it's quick popularity Rye Pale Ale can now be found at the Ponysaurus taproom and elsewhere in the Triangle.  


Reflecting the Scottish tradition of brewing beer with a small amount of hops so as to avoid unnecessary interaction with British traders (the bastards), our Scottish Ale is a rich, smooth, malt-focused beer that pours incredibly dark. Nutty Marris Otter malt provides deep hits of caramel, coffee, and chocolate in both the aroma and flavor. Like a drinkable kilt for your gullet.


The Spring IPA is brewed to bridge the gap between the maltier beers we like brewing in the winter while reflecting the softer, gentler weather we can look forward to in the spring.  This IPA features Mandarina Bavaria and Azacca hops.


Our Summer IPA is a splash of cold relief from the hot, southern heat. Fuller and juicier than our year-round India Pale Ale, this beer has a unique malt-forward grain bill. Notes of ripe summer fruits distinguish this Idaho #7 single-hop IPA, highlighting the pungent tropical fruit and citrus flavors.



Feels like summer, especially when we are drinking this dry, fruity beer. Made with German Saphir hops, this saison has distinct fruity overtones with a clean finish. Dive right into this refreshing, seasonal pint of liquid gold.


The Tripel is a strong, light-colored Belgian-style ale.  The origin of the name comes from the Trappist tradition of marking bottles with a single, double, or triple "X" to indicate the strength. While the original "tripel' would have likely been dark, the modern interpretation was established in the early 20th century by Westmalle, whose beer provides the standard by which all others are judged.


A celebration of traditional German wheat beers, our Weissbier features the classic banana and clove flavors, with the refreshing tartness and citrus notes that can only be found when the beer is at its freshest. We serve the beer cloudy on purpose, as the suspended yeast is crucial to its overall impression.


Bigger. Bolder. Stronger. This strong wheat beer isn’t your average pint. Clocking in at 7.5% ABV it gives you all the flavor of the Dunkelweizen on a grander scale. Made with all German malt, hops, and yeast, this aging winter beer is banana bread in a glass. Notes of browned bread give you a warm, fresh, out of the bakery, finish.


Warm, sunny days give us a hankering for a good, old-fashioned wheat beer. Our Witbier is brewed with unmalted wheat, 1 pound of fresh orange peel, and coriander seeds. The result is a crisp, dry wheat beer with fragrant aromatics of citrus that will entice you to dive in head-first.